Hi, I hate things and I'm of legal age.
I like music though, that's pretty cool.
Punk Rock, Anarchy, Folk Punk, Cassettes and vinyl and kind of shit yeah, I'm sad.


Please talk to me


Four months of dating and man… I hate thinking about the fact we can only have one month together before we both go off to college.  Honestly…. I’m scared.  I’ve never been so emotionally invested in a person before and we’re pretty good together, I can’t see myself being able to love anyone else and yes I know that just the whole you’re at the beginning of a relationship and you’re making promises to each other that you’ll be together forever and probably promises you can’t keep but we haven’t discusses the future, we’ll need to soon.  The future it almost now.  

That’s the update in my lame love life.  

Let’s see… the rest of my life.  My band’s recording an EP right now and I’ve got two songs bouncing around to write new songs and let’s see what else… I’m very far behind on my planned reading for the year and I’m still totally confused on how to change my major (yes I know I haven’t gone off to college yet but shut up) and idk there’s just so much up in the air right now I don’t really know how to handle it.  Just feeling super down today I guess.  I wonder what my roomates will be like..

I guess I can wrap up how I feel in one word right now if that’s tl;dr,

I’m scared.  

What’s been going on with you my followers (gosh that sounds like a cult)?

  1. greetingsfromthesuburbs said: Wow, man, college, I haven’t even gotten to high school. I forget how old you are sometimes.
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